Sarana Pelangi Agen Terpercaya Seasia

Sarana Pelangi Agen Terpercaya Seasia An agent is an arcade game is being held optimization begins on the fifteenth day of August two thousand sixteen to fifteen of March two thousand seventeen with operational funds amounting to thirty-five million will be distributed to the best twenty participants. Immediately follow and register for test optimization capabilities. The details of the operational fund to be distributed among the twenty best entries consist of the best First participants get ten million rupiah. Second best participants get seven million rupiah. The three best participants get five million rupiah. The four best participants get three million rupiah. The five best entries get two million. Sixth to tenth best participants get one million rupiah. Participants get the best eleven to twenty-three hundred thousand rupiah.

All participants optimization must meet the terms and conditions determined which among others states that all the participants had to write an article on the theme that has been determined, in the article there are at least four hundred fifty characters words and must insert five links in the article if it is not there are then automatically disqualified without prior notice, the contents of the article should not be at a hundred percent with the other participants article content (banned registering postings are copies of articles other participants) and are not allowed to write articles that the contents of the news alerts this optimization. Articles should contain other matters relating to the themes that have been determined. That will be a judge in this optimization is Google Indonesia by cleaning the first encroachment and other data. Prohibited sign up using an email address that has been registered previously. The Participants must agree to all terms and conditions race without exception. Determination of the twenty best entries will be made on the twentieth day of March two thousand seventeen while the handover of operational funds to be held on the twenty-second of March two thousand seventeen starts at twelve noon. What are you waiting for? Follow now!


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